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International Relocation

The main purpose of our International Services program, whether for Inpat, Expat or Repat, is to facilitate a smooth, cost effective transition beneficial to both the Corporation and the Employee and his his/her family.

We will provide the following services:
  • Translators in the native language of the transferee or their families 
  • Orientation to restaurants, newspapers, grocery stores, and cultural activities from their country of origin 
  • Social security card assistance 
  • Banking assistance for transfer of funds 
  • Driver's license 
  • Purchase or rental of furniture, cars, etc. 
  • When language is a barrier, education for children through public or private schools   
  • Connection when possible with a family from the same country of origin 
  • Associate assignment from our International contacts 
  • Team of multi-lingual, trained associates 
  • Assistance in home purchase or home rental customs  
  • General orientation to the United States with a concentration on areas of specific concern to the transferee or their family 
  • A contact for the transferee before, during, and after their relocation is complete 

International Relocation Package

Our relocation package contains information and resources on many topics - from neighborhoods to schools, health care to attractions - all designed to help you learn more about the area. To request your copy, click here.

Disclosure: The services are customized on a case by case basis as recommended by the employer and the Watson Relocation International Consultant. (additional fees apply for International relocation services)